Do you wish to create an online store? If you ask around, people will suggest you use Shopify to build an online store. Shopify is not the only online store builder. You will find various others in the market. However, it is considered to be the best option. Here is why.

Highly affordable

When you decide to start an online store, you don’t just think “Okay, I am going to create my own online store and earn profits”. Instead, the first thought that comes to your mind is “Do I have enough money to create a store?”.

If you build a Shopify online store, you do. This is because Shopify offers highly affordable rates to users. The different offers ensure that you are able to create your store without having to invest much. Compared to other online store builders, this feature is unique. While you can find an online store builder that does not demand a high price, it will almost never give you the same quality.

Variety of designs

An online store website is much more than just a platform. It’s not just the place for you to virtually display different products. Instead, it is what governs whether customers will be attracted to your store or not. This is one of the reasons why it is integral for you to invest in a quality E-commerce website builder.

Shopify manages to be excellent in this regard. This is because it offers users the chance to choose between a wide variety of layouts and designs. You can customize your store as per the products you sell. You can add tabs that would make a difference. This will allow you to differentiate from others.

Guaranteed security

You will only get customers if your online store is secure. After all, most online stores take credit card information of individuals. Therefore, it is very important for the platform to be secure and safe from hackers. Shopify invests a lot of time and money in making sure that its platform is as safe as possible.

This is why visitors of Shopify have a built-in trust. So, you will not have to do a lot to convince them.


All in all, using a quality online store builder can make all the difference. Don’t limit yourself to services of your country. Shopify might be better than the best online store builder Canada and other countries have to offer.  Therefore, assess where each online store builder stands before you decide to use it.