Common Selling Online Traps – Beware

These days, it’s easy to buy and sell online. As there are so many websites that will provide you selling and buying services, you will find a lot of those that will make you lose money. Since online shopping became popular, more people are making their fake sites and selling applications. Beware of fraud, it’s on every corner, and inform yourself on time.

Here are the top 5 most common traps for selling online:

1. “Ultimate Online Shopping Store”

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? This is an example of what some fake site description looks like. Watch out for those; they can even look like the fully developed website. There is a large number of fake sites, lurking from everywhere, so be careful when you are surfing online and searching for online selling site. Sometimes fake sites look like big popular sites, with slight name changes. This is the most common trap for sellers, so before you make your account on some online selling site, do some research about it, and then step carefully.

2. Online Buying

There are numerous ways to get tricked with online trades. Doing online trade is never a smart move unless you are selling something like a car online, and you want to swap it with other online car seller or owner. In that case, you can come in contact with the product of your trading request. However, if you are going for online trade, prepare to get nothing, and lose something. Avoid exchange, unless you can see the product and do face to face business.

3. Toxic banners

Familiar with those banners that pop up with the caption “Earn 1000$ today, without doing anything”? Well on all of those you must do at least something, and that is not to enter your card number or any worthy information.

Even if it is a small investment like “Get buyers for any product in less than 24 hours for 1$”, avoid it. It takes to enter your card number, even if it’s 1$, and this is also a way to common trap when you are selling online. It’s hard not to tell that these toxic traps are following you everywhere, so don’t think that it’s not a trap if you are on some popular site, because that site has nothing to do with it. Avoid those banners, if you want to boost your sale, put your product on some popular online selling site and then boost your product review on that site.

4. Fake administration

You’ve sold something online, and you are being told that the person who listed the best price paid more than it was supposed to. They send a check to see the amount and the request to return the difference, but the check is false, and after you send the money, you will have to cover the amount on the check. The number of fake administrations is getting bigger every day and with new trap ideas, so take care, this was only one of those ideas.

5. Payment method

It’s hard to wait when you put a product on the market, but avoid offers with shaky payment methods. Stick to the methods of your website or application. This is the most common trap for sellers, so stick to safe payment methods and never change them. There are so many safe sites for online selling, and all of them have payment methods that are worldwide known, such as PayPal. Don’t be greedy and try to sell something fast. A thief will offer fast money on his payment method, and if you accept, don’t get confused when you see your account empty.

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